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August 2016 - we moved out of state and will be concentrating on showing our dogs in the lower 48.

Many thanks.

Cap'n Jack Rodgers ( Jack) and Jezebel de Wench Rodgers ( Belle) are our founding breeding beagles.

Jack has been neutered and has started his training to compete at the agility trials.

Jezebel will have two more litters over the next 2 years and will then be retired. Belle is in training to be a therapy dog.

We  added to our beagle family during summer 2010, with Briarpatch Pandora de Myth ( Dora), who is 11 inches and 18lbs & Briarpatch Polgara de Legend ( Polly ) who is 15lbs and 9 inches. We say they are full blown beagles in a smaller package.

Briarpatch Cap'n Fergus Gratis - the "blue" beagle joined us 31st July 2010... we are so lucky to have him, blue beagles are very rare and we have been searching for one for ages....Many thanks to Trisha of "Blue Magic Beagles" for breeding our new boy...Fergus is now fully grown and is a 12inch beagle who weighs 28lbs.

Fergus retired September 1st 2013 to become a hiking and walking companion to Karen in Anchorage. Fergus was a great stud producing 26 beautiful babies for us.  He richly deserves his new life as an only dog.

Belle had her first litter in July 2010 and we kept two of the  pups, Dante & Freya....

Briarpatch Cap'n Dante is a deep red and white who weighs 29lbs and is 13 inches, his sister Briarpatch Feisty Freya is the same red as her Daddy Jack with white mottle, she is 12 inches and weighs 20lbs..


.We added to our AKC English Springer Spaniel family May 2011 with the addition of Briarpatch Cap'n Han Solo.... Solo is a black & white springer with an amazing pedigree, which goes back to 1993 Westminster Champion Salilyn's Condor..... he is the perfect match for Teagan as they share some famous but very distant ancestors....Our heartfelt thanks goes to Sherri of Cypress Creek Springers Florida for breeding our gorgeous mellow boy....

Teagan is in training to compete in Rally at the AKC shows here in Alaska 2013.

Solo started in the show ring May 2012, we are hoping to continue his success this year 2013.

March 2012.. we added Briarpatch's Breeze over Endor to our family. Brea is Teagan and Solo's daughter. Brea passed her AKC STAR Puppy award in November 2012.  Brea starts her show ring career March 2013.

Teagan, Solo & Brea all achieved their AKC Canine Good Citizen award in 2012. Brea did this at the amazing age of just 8 months old...

To find out more about Jack, Belle, Teagan, Fergus, Dora , Polly, Dante, Freya , Solo  & Brea and their wonderful life just down the road from Santa, please have a look at their Facebook page use your friend finder  and search Briarpatch Beagles or Briarpatch Springers.


Many thanks for looking at our website.

 Lynette Rodgers



Freya aged 3 months 

Jake fast asleep on his sofa. 

Dora & Polly aged 10 weeks. 


Jack is the red tick beagle. He weighs 17lbs and is 13 inches at the shoulder. He has green eyes. He loves to snooze on the sofa on the long Alaskan winter evenings. May 2012 Jack is now retired from breeding, so he can spend more time snoozing. Jack will be starting agility training 2012. December 2012 Jack achieved his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Belle is one of our tri-colored female. She weighs 23lbs and is 12 inches at the shoulder.  Her favorite thing in the whole world is to chew pig ears. Oh and snooze on the sofa in the man cave or should that be beagle cave???? Belle holds her AKC Canine Good Citizen Cert. It is our intention to train her as a therapy dog, once she has her last litter in 2013.

Dora and Polly are tri-colored females, they are such different personalities. Dora is very laid back & obedient, whilst Polly loves to cavort when its time to go outside or get into her crate for a nap.

Both Dante & Freya are red & white with a black tail which has the required white tip.

Dante is a strong stocky boy who loves to ride in his dads truck at any opportunity. Dante is starting his agility training January 2012....Dante loves doing agility, he is slow but sure...lol.. He graduated from his Basic Manners  training class with flying colors and he holds his AKC Canine Good Citizen Cert.

Freya is a long legged beauty who enjoys taunting the others and getting them to chase her.

Charly is our first "show" beagle, he is a an GCH Ch Riordan Lanbur Motor City "Henry" X Ch Albedo Passion for Fashion "Heidi: breeding. Please watch this website for the show ring adventures of our beautiful red & white Albedo Soul City "Charly". A big thank you to Debbie Tissot, Albedo Beagles, New Mexico, for the opportunity to show this wonderful boy here is Alaska. Charly is now Champion Albedo Soul city. He went to New Mexico just needing two majors and a few points, and finished with all his points and 3 majors...

Myn is our little girl (March 2012 Belle X Fergus breeding), she will replace her mom Belle in our breeding program in about 2 years lol...

Luna is Charly & Polly''s daughter and has already started her conformation career.

Norma Jean is our tiny red and white beagle. She is feisty and fun. Norma Jean is amazing in the show ring.

Jake is a Polly & Charly son, who we co-own and show.

The beagles  live with their 4 humans, 2 cats and three English Springer Spaniels called Teagan, Solo & Brea.

Teagan holds her AKC Canine Good Citizen Cert and is intermediate in her agility & rally training. We hope to have her compete at agility & rally during 2013.

July 2015 - We are heartborken to say, that Solo passed from a fast acting cancer.....Solo holds his AKC S.T.A.R puppy cert and his AKC Canine Good Citizen cert. He was shown for the first time in May and came home with 7 ribbons from that show. We are so proud of him.

Brea is Solo & Teagans daughter. She will be starting her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class Aug 2nd. We have high hopes for showing her next year. She is a real beauty. Brea is starting her Rally training Febuary 2013 and has already started training for the conformation ring.

Dante aged 4 months 

Polly, Dora and Fergus aged 4 months 

Teagan wearing her Xmas bandana....

Solo aged 7 weeks May 2011 .... RIP our precious boy.... 4 years was no where near long enough....

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