About Us

I am Lynette Rodgers a Brit living in Alaska. With a passion for dogs and beagles & springers in particular. I have had dogs since I was 12 years old and could not imagine life without them.

I live in North Pole, Alaska. With my husband Randy, & two of my children aged 15 & 7, Jack, Belle, Fergus, Dora, Polly, Dante & Freya our beagles , Teagan, Brea & Solo our springers, & Callie & Zeke the cats. All our dogs and puppies are well socialised, with the help of the troop of kids that frequent our house.



January 22 2012.....

 Dante (the red & white beagle), has passed his Basic Manners class. Dante will be taking his AKC Canine Good Citizen exam this Spring. Dante started his Novice Agility training two weeks ago, and has already mastered the A frame, tunnel, table, dog walk and chute.

Teagan (the springer) has completed her Novice Agility training and her Novice Obedience class. She shows great aptitude for both Agility and Rally. We have classes on hold at the moment, incase she is pregnant, but we will resume classes, as soon as she is not pregnant. As well as continuing with the Agility and Rally classes. Teagan will be taking her AKC Canine Good Citizen exam this summer.

Solo ( our male springer), is taking obedience classes at the moment, he is doing so well, his trainer says he is already ready to start Rally classes... whoohoo... clever young dog...He is showing great promise and we hope to show him in  conformation later this year.



.... Polgara and Pandora will be joining the Briarpatch family on May 28 2010, when they are 8 weeks old.. We are all so excited and thank you Connie of  -AH cavaliers and beagles,  South Dakota, for breeding these gorgeous girls for us.

28th May 2010... the gorgeous Polly & Dora joined the family today. They are just stunning and one day I am sure they will have equally as gorgeous babies...

20 June 2010... Belle is pregnant...yessssssssssss!!!!.

17 July 2010.. Belle is due next Thursday July 22... keep you posted...

19 July... Miss Belle surprized us by having 10 beautiful babies on July 19.

23 July ..We have decided to keep one of the chocolate girls out of this litter. She is Freya, who you can see on the available puppies page. We fell in love with her brother Dante so we ended up keeping two lol..

25 July 2010... Fergus the "blue" beagle will be joining us on 31 July. Blue beagles are much paler than the normal tricolored. It will be a year or two before Fergus shows us what he is made of....lol..

 March 2013 - We are keeping Myn out of Belle's last litter.

June 2013 - Charly our first show beagle joins the Briarpatch...

31 July ...Fergus with Teagan the springer in his first day in his new home.

I decided to start Briarpatch Beagles as I could not find any beagle breeders in Alaska and wanted to share these fabulous animals with as many people as possible. 

Our wonderful dogs 2011 

Our dogs 2012 

Albedo Soul City "Charly" our first show beagle....

Lynette & Randy with the doggy family. 

Above....Our new little girls aged 4 weeks.. Pol on the left next to her slightly bigger sister Dora. 

Below...... Dora aged exactly 4 months




 Below... Polly posing for her picture aged 4 months...31 July 2010...


We feed our dogs Eagle Pack adult & puppy foods. Its a great way to have dogs with really shiny coats and healthy appearance without them getting over weight which can happen easily with beagles as they lovvvvvvvvv food...

Our dogs favorite treat is hotdog.... and small pieces of this is what I use to train them.

They also love to chew on pigs ears 


This is" Briarpatch Cap'n Fergus Gratis" also known as Fergus , he is 4 months old and will one day be the mate of Belle & Freya, lucky boy!!!!!

Myn daughter of Belle and Fergus aged 15 weeks. 

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